A world divided, though this was not always so. Once a beautiful and peaceful land, war has literally ripped the planet into two pieces, Nyrthanium and Tarithan. Although broken the land still wields a majestic beauty that can inspire even the lowliest. With the end of the War of the Magi people because more distrustful of magic-users in general, and although this has abated in much of the lands, a few never truly gave up their distrust of magic-users. Thus gave rise to the technological nations who utilize forms of power and technology that are not reliant on magic.

You have grown up in this world with stories of the other continent, banished for their hubris, that you can sometimes see in the sky. You have been raised on stories of great heroes and terrible villains, of ancient ruins and modern marvels. Maybe you believe in fate, the prophecies, your god, or in your own freewill. Regardless of what you believe the question remains…

What kind of mark will you leave upon the world?

Fractured World

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