Fractured World

The Night of Pincushion and Empty Ale Mugs

“I don’t know what happened exactly. I wasn’t there. BUT, I got me a reliable source. ‘E was there, ’E saw what happened.
’Corrding to him, they were in the Sleepin’ Dragon. You know that place I’m sure, everyone ‘round these parts does. Anyways, it’s a quiet night, well quiet as it could be in a place like that, HeHe. There were a lot of regulars there that night, and a few new faces. Well these two guys walk in as I hear it, they were lookin’ for trouble of some kind the way they was looking around an’ all. A few minutes later these other guys come in with an elf. My buddy says he ‘eard ’em shout summin’ and point at a few of the patrons. That’s when the Abyss itself broke loose.
My buddy hid, but he saw what ‘appened to them guys that came in causing trouble. This weird creature, looked like crystals he says, HA! A CRYSTAL MAN! Can you believe such nonsense? I still think he must’a been drunker than ‘e says. Anyway he says this creature blew up one of the men that comes in. And then an elf girl runs past ’im and is chased by this other guy. He sees her poke him full of arrows an’ as he looks at the rest of the group that walked in he seems ‘em get swalled up by this fog that comes outta nowhere. So now he can’t see anythang but he hears these guys shouting. Before he knows which way to turn he says, he sees that elf that comes in, getting hacked at by a dwarf, and then boom! He’s gone in a flash of white light!
Next thing he knows he hears swearing across the main room and looks in time to see this guy all full of arrows trying to throw an axe at the elf girl. Next thing you know, BAM!, a mug flies off the the counter and smashes the guy in the face! He falls flat, dead, stiffer than a straight shot of any Dwarven liquor I’ve ever had. My friend says he even saw the Raven Queen herself show up!
I’m only tellin’ ya this ‘cause you seem like a good fellow in need of a good story. I don’t know if it’s all true, but between my guy and the other folks who was there, including old Brennan hisself, I know a good chunk of it is. One thing we all can agree on those, is that we gots to raise a toast to that gnome that saved the day. He was the real hero of that night, everyone agrees that it was ’im that took on all them thugs, even if the elf girl and crystal man helped. TO NANFOODLE!” – Testimony of Obidaron, Farmer near Winterhaven in the Nentir Vale, Testimony taken at Wrafton’s Inn



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