Fractured World

It has only begun

“Interesting, you have had quite an adventure Mortish. I see you have put to good use to what I taught you.” “Oh, no, Master that was nothing compared to what we have fight in the…” “Never mind that. Those days have long past. Tell me what happened next.” “Well, we finally found our way to the Keep. The air was cold and damp. But I still felt the dark presence of the shadowfell. I could feel the dead squirming underneath my feet. As we descended into the darkness I could hear squeaking.

By the time I realized what was happening one of ours had fallen into a pit full of ravenous rats and the rest of us were fighting goblins.” “Goblins, what were they doing there?” “They were guarding the keep. Their masters obviously never anticipated our arrival or they would put up better defenses. We quickly disposed of the guards and found there goblin leader. Unfortunately our gnome killed him before we could get any information from him” “Bah, gnomes trust them to lead with blade before thought.” “It mattered not. He was cowering and begging for his life. Even after attempting to kill us. If Stargleam hadn’t done it I probably would have.” “But of course. Bringing down the proud is one of your commandments. And then?” “And then things began get complicated.

We had found a dungeon still in use. After a lengthy battle with its occupants our goliath Sorob and elf Elyssia were badly wounded. Kriv proving his dragonborn ferocity found himself in combat, drench in his enemy’s blood. ”“What happened to the two others that fought along with you on the road?” “We hadn’t seen them since the night before.” “And what of the gnome, where was he, hiding behind his illusions I suppose.” “On the contrary his fighting skills were more developed then I had initially evaluated. He managed to wrestle an enemy twice his side into an iron maiden. However, that is when he decided summon an uncontrollable ice creature. The beast devoured everything in its path into an icy death. Even fire could harm it. During the last few moments of the battle I found a goblin locked away in a cell. I thought he might be of use to use, and decided to let him out under restraints. After we realized we couldn’t deal with the ice beast we abandoned the dungeon in hopes that if would not follow and devour the last goblin. It was only by the skin of our teeth that survived it.”

“And after what did the goblin you save say.” “Well I tried convincing him that the only way to survive this was to align with us and divulge all he knew of the keep. However, he was too scared of me talk. Kriv suggested we just get rid of him, but Nanfoodle manage to calm him down. He knew only of a dig site and that the keep continued below. Nanfoodle was able to convince him to follow my plan to attack the dig site.” “What did you find there?” “We found a lot of dirt and a short fight. We did, however, find a holy symbol. We decided Sorob could use it. Afterwards we decided to descend further into the Keep. We found more futile resistance. Whilst the others explored a series of hallways, Kriv and I came against a dozen of the undead. We quickly dispatched them back to where they came from. When we regrouped with our compatriots we learned that they had lost the goblin I found in the cell. However in order to keep moving we followed the path Kriv and I began.

A little south of where we fought the undead we found a dozen sarcophagi. Were heard scratching and clamoring.” “Did you open them?” “We tried but we couldn’t open them. They seem to be sealed by something. Regardless of what kept them closed they quickly flung open on their own. Nanfoodle had triggered a trap. Once again putting our lives in unnecessary peril. Wave after wave of skeletons came out of the crypts. Lunging themselves at us with ferocious vigor. We were fortunate that they weren’t experienced fighters. However, as we were almost consumed in the horde. I heard Stargleam reciting something. After that the skeletons fell to pieces.” “That gnome almost getting all of you killed only to become the hero.” “Hahaha, I thought of that myself. But he does have his uses outside of combat.”

“How so?” “Well after we defeated the skeletons we found ourselves in the next room. Where we were greeted by a ghostlike figure of the keep’s past guardian. And Nanfoodle acted as our voice. The guardian spoke about the keeps past and of the evil that was present. After a few more words he gave his sword to Sorob and sent us on our way. After we left we found ourselves deeper in the keep and our elf Elyssia found a secret room not far from the path the guardian tolled us would lead us to the lower levels of the keep.” “Ahh the elves, now there lies a noble race. Capable and alert. Some even strong enough to endure psionic training.” “Why so much praise master?” “Well I’ve never told you this but my own master was an eladrin. And the eladrin are cousin to the elf and thus by relation they have earned my respect.”

“Well as I was saying she was able to find a secret room which turned out to be an old armory with only a carving at the edge of the inner wall. It seemed emptied. Only it wasn’t. A booming voice proposed to us a question. And it was ‘A wondrous treasure, valued by all, sought by many. Found in both victory and defeat, Yet never at the bottom of a treasure chest. It marches before you like a herald, and lives long after you are gone. Of what do I speak?” “And how did you fair?” “Well the riddle was easy to answer it was of course honor. I should know I am Deva. And thus was angel before that and even in battle of cosmic proportions there is no greater reward then Honor.” “I see you still hold your previous life close.” “Close enough to give me resolve, but not enough to hold me back. In either case we were rewarded by the voice with magical armor. As you can see it has seen many battles since I first wore it. But I digress. After we took rest and regained our strength we were again greeted by battle.

This time we met hobgoblin flesh with steel. Our battle with them was long. Sorob and Kriv slashed and hacked their way through flesh and bone. And our little elf became more beast then elf.” “How so?” “Well for starters she made it a habit of turning into large ferocious beast, particularly giant brown bears. She then clawed her way through her foes like they were parchment. However towards the end of the fight she did show a more compassionate side to a spider. ” “What did she do? Did decide not to step on it?” “No she decided calm it down and take control over it. Of course, control over a spider may not seem like much, but that only applies to spiders that aren’t as large as a full grown horse.” “By the goddess Ioun. Ha. Only an elf would think of making friends such a beast.” “Yes, well after what I have seen from her. It didn’t really surprise me.” “And what of the battle?”

“After collecting our small friend out of a well, Kriv, Sorob and I sent the last of hobgoblins to meet there end. The last one was mine. No pun intended but after I hit him with a psionic blast, he fell for me. He died right at my feet.” “Incredible, your powers have grown much. And it seems you are nowhere near the end of this tale.” “I’m afraid not my old friend.” “Well you must continue then, tell me how it ends, before my strength leaves these old bones.” “All in due time, but I believe we are no longer alone. Can’t you sense those pondering thoughts” “Ahh yes, fairly simple ones at that. But I sense no threat from it.” “Yes, I agree. But as they say if walls grow ears then your words must our find new tongues. Do you still remember what I passed on to you of my native language?” “Of course I do. I’m old not senile.” “Hahaha. Very well then as I was saying…… [Incomprehensible sounds after that.] Fg kjndfoqklthe o aslqo aopsklag lkaslnalmcnm,xa qtoqlweu welo qoiweoq woqweoetuiqwoituio lkl;kkl;kljasdlk lweqwtuthe onf weqoqwe…..…” – An overheard conversation by an unknown listener.



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