Fractured World

Kobold Bowling

“It’s been many years since I made that fateful journey along the King’s Road (See

Nyrthanium, Places and Interesting Locations for more information). It is one of
the stories that always brings a smile to my face, even as I pen this so many years
later. It reminds me of the joys of starting out on a fresh new adventure, and it
is this joy and excitement at the beginning that is the light that helps us walk
through the dark…..
…We had left the The Sleeping Dragon (See Nyrthanium,
Places and Interesting Locations for more information) a few hours after daybreak
following the attack by the thugs. The people they were after did not strike me at
first as the kind that the prophecies (see Prophecies of Edgrammond for more
information) would speak of, let that be a lesson to us all, never judge a
situation on looks alone. After gathering a few more individuals to aid us in
reaching Winterhaven (See Nyrthanium, Places and Interesting
Locations for more information) we had travelled for a few hours when we were set
upon by a group of kobolds (See Creatures and Beings of Nyrthanium for more
Five kobolds rushed out at us from behind the rocks when Zinny, a creature of the
race known as Shardminds, destroyed one of them with his psychic attack. The
Dragonborn Kriv charged at another one as Elissia took on another still. Within moments the field and road were swallowed up in fog, a psionic field, and a blinding flash of light created by Sorob(who subsequently blinded himself with said light). I heard yells and screams, in draconic and in common, but I was never in doubt that we
would prevail. My opinion was confirmed as I witnessed a kobold being picked up and
flung over fifty feet by the sheer force of will of Mordish our Deva psion. Rolling through the air the kobold came within inches of Kriv but somehow missed him.
However the other kobold standing next to the Dragonborn exploded almost
simultaneously into a pile of blood and gore, most of which wound up upon the
Dragonborn. When I later asked Mordish what he had meant in shouting “strike” at
that moment, that was the first time I’d heard of the game known in some places as Bowling (for more about bowling see the text Nyrthanium: Games and Recreation)…" – Excerpt from the
Memoroirs of the Archmage Elliot



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