Fractured World

Shock and Awe

“…When a commander engages in battle, he should be advised to not necessarily cling to traditional methods in war. The skilled commander learns to improvise, as does his troops. To illustrate this point we reference one of the most popular battles in the Nentir Vale of the last few decades.
The adventurer’s had left the town on an errand of their own. Little did we know that they were pursuing a quest that would affect us all so. At the beginning of their trip they ran into kobolds, nasty little things. It was an ambush that would have taken anyone of lesser skill.
The battle began with the dragonborn Kriv noticing the kobolds lying in wait. In a testament to the honor and loyalty of dragonborn Kriv launched himself at the nearest kobolds, or so it seemed, from the tales told he had actually noticed a magical mine that the kobolds had gotten a hold of. It was at this trap that Kriv launched himself into to alert the rest of the party to the danger, doing this despite the hazard to his health and the shell shock such devices seem to cause.
Within moments the rest of the adventurers had realized what was happening and the battle began in earnest. Another of the mines was triggered by Mordish, and the shardmind known as Ziny dealt massive waves of damage to all the kobolds in the area. By the end of the battle one of the mines had been thrown as a grenade by Kriv and Nanfoodle the gnome bard of renown had managed to talk a kobold into having his mind melted with a handshake.

What’s important for the military man to take away from this excerpt is the improvisation we see. Most soldiers will do all they can to avoid mines, but we see daring here and a caring for other members of the squad to alert them to the danger of such traps, also the use of a stationary explosive as a thrown weapon is unheard of in the field of war…
…the outrageous notion that a warrior has no need of diplomacy or social skills is ludacris. We see this proven by the oft overlooked section in which Nanfoodle StarGleam talked an enraged kobold into a calm state before attacking his enemy’s inferior intellect and causing a total mental breakdown in his foe…" – Excerpt from Unorthodox: A Guide to Modern Warfare



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