Lightning Claymore

A trap designed to shock anyone who walks to close to it

weapon (ranged)

Lightning Claymore
Lvl 2 Blaster
Blast 3; 3 v. Ref
Each creature in blast; 1d6
3 Target is dazed until und of trap’s next turn
Must recharge after each blast (roll of 4,5, or 6 on 1d6 may not be modified)
After each encounter roll % dice. If roll is <50%>s magic goes out and is no longer usable.


Spoken of in tales of key sieges during the War of the Magi the method of the claymore’s construction was thought to be lost at the end of the war. With the discovery of the Dragon King’s Plot by a group of adventurers it is clear that somewhere the knowledge of how to construct these weapons still exists.

Lightning Claymore

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