Tag: NPC


  • Salvana Wrafton

    Salvana Wrafton is a friendly and open human who warmly welcomes travelers to her inn, which she inherited from her father, with a smile. She is well liked in the community and has a great love for her town. If she doesn't know some tidbit about the town' …

  • Lord Padraig

    Appointed to mayor after driving off a kobold invasion Lord Padraig is focused on the protection of the town's citizens. He manages the town in a fair manner, even if he sometimes errs on the side of caution for safety.

  • Berend Hammerfall

    Berend Hammerfall is a dwarven paladin of Reorx. Traveling on behalf of his god and church He is a defender of good and of those in need. He once aided members some members of the group that went with [[:elliot | Elliot]] after a surprise attack at [[ …

  • Ellit

    A mage of the white robes. Elit is a wizard apprentice working hard on his studies. He is usually the first one to volunteer for missions that take him beyond the walls of the keep, where he studies with his tutors, in order to learn more of the world and …