Nyrthanium, or the Nyrthanic Empire, was the name of the once great empire that once spanned the area now known as the Hundred Kingdoms. After opposing Tarithan in a great war, according to scholars and legends, Nyrthanic Emperors held the lands in a firm grasp. Freedom, prosperity, and a golden age were enjoyed by all. However as time dragged on corruption arose. Merchants bought off officials. Thieves guilds grew to prominence. Religious fanatics went on crusades against those wielding magic, beasts and monsters, and even the innocent. Nearly 400 years ago the Empire finally fell to the diseases that permeated every facet of its lands, and the the so called Hundred Kingdoms arose.

Loosely tied to each other by the bond they once shared, many of the provinces of the Nyrthanic Empire formed their own kingdoms and have been independent ever since.


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